Sports Artificial Grass

  • Artificial Grass for Football Field

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    Artificial Grass for Football Field

    The artificial grass fiber features high wear resistance, good quality, anti-UV, high corrosion resistance and good drainage. Therefore, it could be used for diverse sports fields in both daytime and nighttime. The principles of kinematics are adopted when manufacturing the...Read More

  • Artificial Grass for Kindergarten

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    Artificial Grass for Kindergarten

    The artificial grass has almost totally replaced the traditional rubber surface and PVC paving material thanks to its advanced design, low cost, convenient maintenance, environmental-protection, high security, delicate appearance and high adaptability. What's more, this...Read More

  • Synthetic Grass for Soccer

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    Synthetic Grass for Soccer

    In recent years, instead of natural grass turf, artificial grass for football is widely used in domestic football fields. Traditional football field adopts natural grass turf, and the turf possesses poor performance in shock absorbency, drainage and seepage, which may affect...Read More

  • Artificial Grass Carpets for Football Stadium

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    Artificial Grass Carpets for Football Stadium

    Football is the world's most influential sport, athletes can fight and attack in a rectangular Grass field. Modern football originated in the United Kingdom, then, more and more countries begin football sport. Its high popularity is absolutely amazing. Until 1970s,...Read More

  • Mini Golf Artificial Grass

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    Mini Golf Artificial Grass

    Jiangsu Wmgrass combines the most advanced manufacturing technology and material together to make the best golf artificial grass. The material adopted in the artificial turf is really close to natural golf putting green turf. Artificial grass golf is the ideal replacement of...Read More

  • Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

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    Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

    Artificial grass for tennis is one of our featured products. Jiangsu Wmgrass offers you high quality after-sales service, and the warranty period of the product is 8 to 10 years. Adopting synthetic grass tennis courts effectively avoids many quality problems, such as cracking...Read More

  • Artificial Grass for School Playground

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    Artificial Grass for School Playground

    Parents will be very happy that our artificial turf provides a better secure environment compared to natural grass, because synthetic grass for kindergarten has a smooth surface and a rubber layer that is used to reduce the child falls. WMG will design the perfect style for...Read More

  • Colorful Artificial Grass for Kindergarten

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    Colorful Artificial Grass for Kindergarten

    Where there is a child, there is laughter. Children are the hub of a family, are the care between parents, the children are also the pistachio. The national government attaches great importance on creating a healthy and safe living environment for children. Therefore,...Read More

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