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For the sake of better protection, improvement of utilization, and prolongation of life of the artificial grass, it is suggested to keep the following tips in mind.

1. To prohibit smoking and fireworks from artificial grass;

2. Not to allow food (but drink water) to be taken to artificial grass;

3. To ban the chemicals that are greasy or erosive, etc. from directly contacting artificial grass;

4. Not to be allowed to enter artificial grass with 9mm or above sneakers with nails  worn;

5. To prevent heavy machines or unnecessary vehicles from entering the land of artificial grass;

6. To avoid putting heavy objects on the grass for a long time;

7. To avoid puncturing, hitting and cutting artificial grass with sharp tools or hard objects, etc.;

8. Not to be permitted to tilt the bottom up on purpose, and destructively drag the split joints and the like;

9. To wash dust on the grass using water when it rains less;

10. To properly control use frequency of the grass so that there is enough time to smooth the fillers by designed tools;

11. To clean and maintain artificial grass once on a monthly base, and deal with litters without delay;

12. To avoid cleaning it at the time of high temperature;

13. To timely check and ensure there is no loose of the split joints, no damage, tears, burns, etc. at the bottom of the grass, and to repair it in time if necessary;

14. To timely supplement the fillers which were lost due to washing, cleaning, fierce sports and other causes.