• Artificial Grass Fiber

    Artificial Grass Fiber

    Artificial grass yarn provide the look and feel of an artificial grass surface and are an important part of a sports system to help ensure it meets various performance characteristics. The quality of synthetic turf fiber is therefore essential for a quality surface. Technical details such as microns, dtex, shape, colour or polymer grade do not, by themselves, determine the overall quality of the turf fiber, but the ability to design optimal synthetic grass fiber in combination with advanced extrusion technology is what determines the quality of the yarn.

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  • Landscaping Artificial Grass

    Landscaping Artificial Grass

    Landscaping artificial grass is immune from climates, soils, water temperature and other natural conditions. Therefore, it could remain green in different season. Even during the autumn and winter, when the natural grass is withered, it could still provide you a warm atmosphere just like spring. Besides that, by referring to the principles of bionics, we successfully manufacture an artificial grass which has barely any difference to natural grass. Moreover, our turf is quite soft and full of resilience. Application Landscaping artificial grass is widely used in parks, hotels, gardens, rooftops, balconies, sides of pools, kindergarten, amusement parks and so on. It could also be used as decorations for home and sport courts.

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  • Sports Artificial Grass

    Sports Artificial Grass

    More and more countries begin sport. It's absolutely amazing of its high popularity. Such as SOCCER ,GOLF ,TENNIS,RUGBY ,CRICKET ,HOCKEY and soon. WMGrass sports artificial grass have the following characteristics: Good flexibility, players will not be easily injured; Good resilience, it will not affect the normal running trajectory of the football ;Strong recovery ability, after high strength of the stampede is still strong as ever. WMG artificial turf is continuously improving and developing so that close to the natural grass in sports performance.

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  • Artificial Grass Infill Granules

    Artificial Grass Infill Granules

    The artificial grass infill makes sure the artificial grass stands upright, with a better appearance and bearing capacity. Generally, quartz sands are often spread in the grass as a base layer while the rubber granules are then covered. On the one hand, the high-elasticity rubber granules greatly simulate the properties and features of soil, thus reducing the probability of injuries. On the other hand, the application of rubber granules assures the grass higher friction and better usage experience since the artificial turf is slipper than natural grass.

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  • Artificial Grass Installation Tools

    Artificial Grass Installation Tools

    Before artificial grass installation you usually need to choose the right tools. Each tool has a different function and is used differently. We carry all the important accessories and tools you need for the installation and maintenance of your artificial turf. We offers are top-of-the-line products that will make your installation a breeze no matter what size your lawn is. Make sure you set yourself up for success with all the artificial lawn maintenance products you need.

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