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What Is The Number Of Stitches For Artificial Turf?
Jan 09, 2019

      What is the number of stitches for an artificial turf?

  The number of stitches of artificial turf is the number of clusters per square meter of artificial turf and grass silk. Football stadium commonly used turf pin is 10500 needle, that is, each square meters have 10500 clusters of grass silk.

  So how do we quickly calculate the number of clusters per square meter? If the lawn model marked pitch is 3/4, then, every meter width of the lawn has 52.5 lines of grass, each row of vertical per meter cluster number is 10500 /52.5 = 200 clusters, then the number of clusters per 10cm is 20 clusters. In other words, the pitch of 3/4 of the lawn, along the length of each line 10cm number of clusters is 20 clusters, then the equivalent of the number of stitches per square meter 10500 needle.

  The same method can be used to calculate the standard pitch of 5/8, 10500 acre per square meter of lawn, the number of clusters per 10cm 16.7 pin.