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The Reason Why Artificial Turf Has Achieved Great Success
Nov 28, 2018

       Why artificial turf to achieve so much success? Mainly due to artificial turf to overcome several major natural grass difficulties: First, the extreme climatic conditions can not grow; Second, some countries and regions because of economic reasons can not pay high maintenance Costs; Third, in some sports stadium with a ceiling can not be cultivated.

  In addition, there are other benefits of artificial turf: Artificial turf low cost, the useful life of about 8-12 years, while the natural grass is only 2 to 4 years; Artificial turf by the high strength, can be used around the clock , Not the use of frequency constraints, and natural grass in the rain and snow weather can only be delayed use, together with it is not suitable for excessive non-competition activities, because it will damage the lawn; artificial turf practicality , Maintenance is simple, after several generations of updates, artificial turfgrass now comparable with the natural grass.