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The Future Of Artificial Grass
May 31, 2018

Artificial grass products have entered a new stage of unprecedented development, because of the use of chemical fiber materials, with durable, simple maintenance, surface uniformity and so on, since the mid 1960s, has been favored by the market, especially for the surface smoothness and uniformity of the higher requirements of the competition. But it also has obvious shortcomings, such as hardness, poor cushioning performance. The characteristics of artificial turf: Low price high School has, suitable for different groups of people, grass light, large area laying beautiful and generous, simulation of grass to bring to the school do not have some of the scene, the use of grass for two years has more than five years, cost-effective relatively high. Artificial turf can be used for any occasion that can be moved, and now artificial turf gradually enters the family life. By comparison, the future site laying market will be occupied by artificial turf. With the vigorous development of sports and mass leisure sports in our country, artificial turf sports ground has become the symbol of modern sports facilities in China. In recent years, in the country from the school stadium, kindergarten to the community leisure places have formed a more and more strong new trend. The quality of sports lawn will directly affect the quality of sports, fitness, leisure and the life of the lawn. With the continuous pursuit of sports and health, people have more and more function and quality requirements for the use of sports lawn. The artificial lawn was born in season. Artificial Grass playground Overall layout beautiful, high service life long, durable, easy to maintain, can be used throughout the day. Artificial grass material environmental protection, on-site laying, quality easy to observe, construction convenience. Artificial grass breathable permeable, can be laid on the asphalt or concrete foundation, the basic quality requirements are not high, do not crack, and no foaming off the worries of the layer, both simple and economic.