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Cement Concrete Requirements For Laying Grass
Jun 07, 2018

We briefly introduce the basic requirements for the foundation of cement concrete in the laying of artificial turf. First of all, the surface flatness of the foundation is required to be high to ensure that the thickness of the artificial grass surface is uniform and the elasticity is uniform. Flatness pass rate above 95%, 5 meters ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 inches, longitudinal 5 inches, semicircular area 5 inches, the surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.

Secondly, the foundation of grass must have certain strength and stability. At the same time, the basic surface should be kept uniform and solid, no cracks, no blemish, and smooth seams. In addition, the cushion of Lawn is compacted and has a density of more than 95%. After medium-sized roller compactor passes, there are no significant wheel marks, no floating loose soil, and waves. The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.