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Artificial Turf Drainage Design
Jan 10, 2019

  Some artificial turf design with drainage system, lawn cushion with permeability, the base layer in the design of a drainage pipe, the construction of such lawn structure is more complex, higher cost. But some systems do not design the drainage system, it is necessary to rely on the surface of natural slope drainage, so the surface construction requirements are higher.

  Before the construction of artificial turf, in order to ensure the quality of artificial turf and cost-effective, the above four factors should be the main consideration. In addition to these four main factors, there are other factors such as grass-roots processing, bonding with the choice of glue. In short, in the actual construction, should be the factors and the investor's economic input, the practical use of artificial turf and other factors fully integrated with scientific theory and technology as the basis, the greatest degree of economic, applicable and effective principles.