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Winter Artificial Turf Maintenance To Remove Ice And Snow
Mar 10, 2018

In fact, a large part of the artificial turf sports field is used outdoors, so after entering the cold winter, the artificial turf will freeze sooner or later due to the low temperature. Although the impact of freezing on artificial turf is not large, the site can not be used after icing. Under normal circumstances, artificial turf is not affected by the freezing because the ice melts and evaporates cleanly. However, to keep the football field ready for use, it is still necessary to remove frozen ice from the artificial turf.

In order to avoid the artificial icefield injury when removing artificial turf, the most commonly used method is to use a heavy roller crushed ice on artificial turf. Crushed, you can directly from the venue cleared. In the case of the sun and the ice is not too thick, I will melt quickly, little effect.

If the ice is thicker, you need to use chemicals to help it melt. However, any chemical used on the artificial turf will leave some residue, so rinse the venue as the weather allows. More common method is to sprinkle urea to help freeze the ice, sprinkle with urea, frozen ice melted half an hour later. Melted ice should be washed with a washer, rubber cleaner, sweeper or other suitable equipment. In addition, heavy equipment should not be parked on the ground for long periods of time, as this will damage the artificial turf.