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The Requirement of Artificial Grass Foundation
May 14, 2018

  The advantages of artificial turf are self-evident, combined with practical applications, it not only has a bright appearance and can be green and vivid throughout the year, but also has the advantages of good drainage performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs.

  It is often used in sports fields, such as football fields. The quality requirements of the sports system for the foundation are mainly concentrated on three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

  At present, when artificial grass are laid, there are mainly three types of foundations used: asphalt bases, cement bases, and gravel bases.

  The asphalt base is particularly suitable for climates with large temperature differences in northern China and low winter temperatures, but also because of its high cost, and for warm and humid environments It is not the most appropriate basic type.

  If the use of gravel foundation, then the overall construction will be relatively simple, and the cost is low, conducive to drainage, and more used in the southern region.The cement concrete foundation has become an economical, practical and cost-effective artificial grass foundation type.

Asphalt base


Cement base


Gravel base


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