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The Benefits Of Roofing Artificial Turf
Mar 02, 2018

Nowadays, the green roofs are a kind of effective and afforest way of greening the roofs. As an important part of urban afforestation work, they have been vigorously promoted and popularized. Green roof can effectively reduce the roof temperature, protect the building layer, extending its life, but also the adsorption of dust in the air, for acoustic and noise reduction can also play a role. However, the conventional green roof has not been able to promote large-scale.

The roof greening difficulties have the following three points:

First, there are certain requirements for the load-bearing of the roof. Roof planted with grass must be laid for a layer of soil for its growth, if you set the other landscape is more weight. However, most of the roof at the beginning of the building did not take into account the roof greening required load, and increased load means that the cost increases, many developers are not willing to pay extra costs.

The second is the roof of the waterproof layer may have damage. The usual irrigation and fertilization required for the general growth of flowers and roofs, if infiltrated by water for a long period of time, together with some corrosive substances in the fertilizers, will most likely cause damage to the waterproofing layer over time. At the same time as the waterproof layer is covered under the soil in the flowers, if the formation of leakage, it is difficult to repair.

Third, the higher the cost. Not only in the early planting need to spend a lot of manpower and resources, the latter part of the need for regular maintenance, the cost is too high.