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Soccer stadium artificial turf several forms of aging
Feb 09, 2018

Each product has its own life, artificial turf aging is inevitable. The quality of the artificial turf life of the football stadium is generally 6-10 years, depending on the specific use of the situation there will be some differences; quality is not related to the artificial turf aging time and extent of some elusive, there may be less than six months will appear problem.

The artificial grass turf of football pitch has a direct relationship with a series of links of site use, so as to maintain the good condition of each link in order to maintain the normal use of artificial turf. The use of foundations such as artificial turf, the basic fabric and grass fiber contained in the artificial turf itself, the firmness of the bond between the turf and the elastic retention of the filled rubber particles, and the like.

First, the artificial grass turf aging football ground deformation.

Artificial turf foundation and more concrete or gravel asphalt pouring, if the construction and construction practices, the quality of raw materials clearance, and does not violate regulations, such as excessive machine into the venue, etc., then the artificial turf foundation strength and stability makes it Life is far greater than the artificial turf itself, in general, about the normal use of more than thirty years.

Second, the artificial turf of the football stadium aging cloth damage.

Artificial turf bottom cloth is in direct contact with the foundation of the part, mostly by the PP, non-woven fabrics, mesh cloth, affected by climate and weather, such as overheating and cooling temperature, or soaked in snow and so on , It is necessary to ask for the durability and anti-aging of the backing. The thickness of the bottom cloth or poor quality, it will advance decay, shorten the life of artificial turf.

Third, the artificial grass turf aging football pitch or seam splitting.

Artificial turf core grass is the most vulnerable to wear parts. Poor artificial turf grass yarn in the natural environment will appear chalking, inhalation will cause harm to the human body. Artificial turf grasses of good quality also experience aging under long-term use, such as loose or broken grass.

In addition, if the lawn pavement improper bonding, seam cloth lawn jointing part of the early cracked. Pavement under normal circumstances enough standard, the basic lawn can maintain the same life expectancy.

Fourth, the artificial turf soccer field aging rubber particles aging.

The artificial turf of the football stadium will generally be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles. The rubber particles will age, lose elasticity, harden, sink and accumulate at the bottom of the grass so as to make the sports performance of the football stadium serious Damaged. In this case if the lawn itself has not aged, then replace the filler particles on it.