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Proper maintenance and maintenance, increase artificial turf life
Feb 10, 2018

Artificial turf maintenance principle one: to keep the artificial turf clean.

Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to deliberately clean, natural rain can play a role in washing. However, as a sports venue, such an ideal state is rare, and therefore need to promptly clean up all kinds of debris on the turf, such as paper confetti, fruit drinks and so on. Lightweight garbage can be handled by a vacuum cleaner, with a larger brush to remove it, and stains require the use of corresponding components of the liquid and quickly rinse with water, but do not use disposable cleaners.

Artificial turf maintenance principle two: fireworks will cause turf damage and security risks

Although most of the artificial turf has the function of flame retardancy, it is inevitable that it will encounter poor performance venues and hide potential safety hazards. Although artificial turf may not burn when exposed to fire, it is beyond doubt that the temperature is too high It is an open flame that will melt the grass, causing damage to the site. If you encounter the grass tip is melted into a hard point by the cigarette butt, you can use the brush to forcefully wipe off the brush.

Artificial turf maintenance principle three: the pressure within the unit area to be controlled.

Do not pass vehicles on artificial turf sites, nor allow parking, nor pallets. Artificial turf, of course, has its own uprightness and resilience, but its burden on the weight or over-long, it will crush grass. Artificial turf venues can not be used, such as javelin and other sports equipment that require the use of sharp sports; football game can not wear long spikes, broken shoes can be used instead of broken nails; high heels are not allowed to enter.

Artificial turf maintenance principle four: control the frequency of use

Although the artificial turf can be used at high frequencies, it can not sustain unlimited high-intensity exercise. Depending on the use of the situation, especially after intense exercise, the venue still need some rest time. For example, an artificial turf soccer pitch should not be more than four in a week.

Following these precautions in everyday use, on the one hand, the athletic functions of the artificial turf field can be kept in a better condition, and on the other hand, the service life of the artificial turf can be effectively increased. In addition, when the frequency of use can be low when the overall site inspection, although most are encountered in small damage, timely repair to prevent the problem of enlargement.