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Indoor lawn, in the interior for you to restore a green spring
Feb 13, 2018

Proximity to nature seems to be a natural instinct to human beings. When we look at green, we can feel happy. However, in a busy city, people find it easy to spend their leisure time in the arms of nature and find peace. Then we had the indoor lawn, green, soft, and the lawns and the lawn of the common indoor lawn, thus bringing the nature to your feet.

If indoor lawn is in your workplace. You looked at the computer desktop eye-care wallpaper you just set, they are dark green, green, green, tender green, light green ... fresh and beautiful green plants, nature is always rich to the color is not rich Imagine. Now green indoor lawn all around you, your eyes and mind is generally children's comfort and pleasure.

If indoor lawn in kindergarten. Artificial turf will turn into a rainbow of colorful grass, it is a brilliant and fantastic fairy tale world where children run, roll, jump, play and rest, and they will laugh happily. Kindergarten lawns different from the lawn in general, in the non-toxic environment-friendly, based on their density higher, softer, less vulnerable.

As for indoor sports venues, they are more home-made artificial turf. Whether it's football, croquet, basketball, volleyball, tennis or any other sporting venue, although they differ in terms of their performance requirements, artificial turf also has a detailed classification that not only meets different needs, Its excellent protection, environmental protection and durability make it an indispensable choice for indoor sports venues.

Indoor lawn suitable for almost all indoor places, it can inhibit bacteria and dust, sound-absorbing noise reduction, green living environment, giving a comfortable and comfortable mind experience. If you like, you can even put it on the wall, according to their own design unique graphics decorative, but also very interesting experience.