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Decorated with lawn covered with fresh city, not only beautiful and practical
Feb 12, 2018

Urban development makes the greening has become the theme of the city, decorative lawn has become the theme of afforestation. Urban afforestation work is complicated and diverse, but the most intense and contagious visual effects can even be regarded as a pervasive link. It is undoubtedly the decorative lawn with the largest occupation area.

Although the natural lawn grass as a decorative lawn has its natural advantages, but considerable but not obscene Yan attributes lead to its role in the ornamental meaning than the use of results. We can wantonly run on the simulation lawn, roll, rest, soft touch with real grass is not fragile, natural lawn is easy to "afraid of pain", a little brutal behavior may cause it difficult to recover from damage.

 Although there are many natural grass species in the selection of plants, but any kind of grass has its inherent seasonal. But the simulation of the lawn can completely ignore this point, as decoration decorative lawn is obviously even more significance, it can maintain a fresh green throughout the year, whether the bleak autumn or cold winter, always full of vitality, pleasing.

Although the initial price of natural grass is more flexible, but a construction process is complex, from the laying of the foundation to sowing to pruning to fertigation spray to pest control, any one link must be taken seriously, the second part of the above procedures need to be maintained in later Continuous use of the ongoing. In contrast, the simulation of lawn installation called simple, just tiled, seams, fill can be put into use, the natural rain water can be clean, as green decorative lawn really save money worry and effort.

Although well-maintained natural lawn, but its service life is still not long, usually 2-3 years, while the normal use of quality lawn normal service life of up to 8-10 years, and can get the factory long-term after-sales service, to provide regular testing , Train everyday use and maintain knowledge.

Urban artificial green decorative lawn appearance, making the urban greening is not only played a role in greening, street parks, roads, flats within the unit, open space, residential communities, community or wall corner, the front of the house, you can While taking into account the beautification of the environment at the same time, provide people with more recreation, leisure and fitness places.