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Basketball court artificial turf, so basketball become safer
Feb 08, 2018

The traditional impression of the basketball court generally use silicon PU site or directly on the concrete floor, in fact, artificial turf can also be used for basketball court pavement. Basketball court artificial turf flexibility is good, anti-stampede, is a combination of mobility and environmental protection of new ground materials. Basketball court artificial turf is generally used 1cm high density mesh grass.

Judging from the current technology, basketball court artificial turf slightly inferior to traditional materials such as silicon PU in sports performance, especially in the basketball field with competitive needs, there are indeed some deficiencies. However, the characteristics of basketball court artificial turf have also created their own advantages.

The basketball courts have a grass-like lawn with a similar appearance to natural lawns, while providing good sports venues but also can beautify the landscaping effect, and can completely ignore the climatic temperature limits, high utilization rate. Basketball Courts Artificial turf is ideal for people who are less athletic and demanding on basketball, such as primary playgrounds, exercise-focused community spaces, elderly activity centers, and more.