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Artificial Turf Shelf Life And How To Renovate
Mar 11, 2018

Weitong lawn usually shelf life of up to 6 years, to reach the end of life need to be refurbished, natural lawn retreat and man-made turf refurbished way is completely different

After the artificial turf damaged by the relevant renovation process for construction, natural lawn is in fact the same, degeneration or damage should also take measures. Although these may not be suitable for artificial turf, it is good to have some knowledge. Although natural turf belongs to perennial material, its life span is relatively short. In order to prolong the service life of natural turf, renewal and rejuvenation is one of the ways to ensure the lawn is durable. The main methods are the strip-like renewal method, the root-breaking renewal method and the replanting Act three.

The so-called ribbon-like renewal method is to cut the roots of stoloniferous grass every 50 cm can be dug 50 cm wide one, and then add peat or compost soil, and from the head cushion flat land. Therefore, this lawn, of course, is different from artificial turf. It grows and degenerates after reaching a certain annual line, so that it can grow again.

Due to soil, climate and other factors, the natural lawn will gradually degenerate, this time need to use punching machine in the lawn ground into a lot of holes, the depth of the hole about 10 cm; and in the hole fertilizer applied to promote the new root growing up. Or directly take the tillage method, so that turfgrass emerge a lot of new seedlings, apparently artificial turf is not required to do so.

If the natural lawn in some areas embezzled by weeds, we must promptly remove the weeds after planting seedlings, it is important to note that, before transplanting turf must be trimmed, and after replanting to step , So that the turf and soil contact closely, which is closely related to artificial turf and foundation principle is the same.