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Artificial turf material structure
Feb 01, 2018

Artificial turf consists of three layers of material. The base layer is made of compacted soil, gravel and asphalt or concrete layers. The base layer requires a solid, non-distorting, smooth surface and impervious, ie, a concrete concrete floor. Due to the large area of hockey courts, the construction must be handled well to prevent subsidence. If the concrete pavement, concrete after curing to cut out the expansion joints to prevent thermal deformation and cracks.

Above the base layer is a layer of cushion, usually composed of rubber or foam. Medium rubber elasticity, thickness 3 ~ 5mm. Foam with lower cost, but poor flexibility, the thickness of 5 ~ 10mm, too thick lawn is too soft, and easy to depression; thin lack of flexibility, can not play a buffer role. The buffer layer should be firmly affixed to the base layer, usually with white latex or universal adhesive paste.

The third layer, also the surface, is the grass layer. According to the manufacture of the surface shape of fluff turf, toroidal winding nylon sod, leafy polypropylene fiber turf, nylon drape prepared turf and so on. This layer must also be latex bonded to the rubber or foam. Construction must be fully coated, in turn firmly pressed firmly, can not wrinkle fold.

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