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Artificial Turf How To Clean Up, Badminton Courts How To Clean The Turf?
Mar 01, 2018

Artificial turf cleaning is different from the natural lawn, relative to the cumbersome and time-consuming maintenance of the lawn and money in terms of the field of artificial turf badminton venue to maintain a lot easier. We can use artificial grass turf badminton venue to grasp some tips, not only to keep badminton venue sports performance, increase comfort, but also to a certain extent, extend the life of the lawn Oh! To date, there are three basic types of artificial turf: sandless, artificial turf, filled particles, artificial turf and natural artificial turf. The protection of artificial turf is simpler than natural turf. In general, artificial turf should be cleaned weekly to ensure the stems are upright and the gravel is uniform.

So, badminton field fake grass how to clean it? First look at what the peel, there is a sweep, can not sweep it to pick up, dust on the vacuum cleaner to suck it, the lawn flushing directly drain just fine! If there is nail polish sticky, available nail polish liquid to wipe. Paint, paint, etc., available turpentine or paint remover wipe, with detergent and water decontamination. Then rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it hard with a sponge dipped in perchlorethylene. General early Ping sticky things can not be erased or less, often do not often use detergent to wash it, you have to find a real dirty wash.