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Artificial Turf Grass Color, Football Stadium Turf Color Is Not The Same Reason
Mar 05, 2018

Natural grass can not get rid of the natural limitation of one year and one year, but also suffer from the regret that "the sky is like a small drizzle, but the grass is far away, but the artificial turf is not bound by nature, Small eaves, green grass on the river, "the joy. Artificial turf grass silk from the color points are divided into green and yellow, green and subdivided into light green, green, pastoral green, lemon green, dark green, yellow is divided into yellow and yellow.

Football stadium lawn color is not the same reason:

1. To ease the visual fatigue of the audience and players;

2. Convenient referee to see whether the offside;

3. Human design, which is the law of football lawn development;

4. Also make football players in the dribble, does not produce endless feelings.

Why color points so much?

As a use, we divided artificial grass leisure grass and sports grass, sports grass into football grass, baseball grass, tennis grass, baseball grass and so on, mainly in green, emerald green, pastoral green, lemon green use more .

Leisure grass is divided into the landscape with grass, grass used for living, working grass, the main color to green and yellow mixed mainly color mixing system. Similar to the color of the hay, the artificial grass is made closer to the natural grass and can also be used in the landscape, more suitable for embellishment of life.