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Artificial turf flame retardant, safer sports and home improvement materials
Feb 11, 2018

Unconsciously, artificial turf has quietly entered many aspects of our lives, all kinds of sports venues, commercial establishments, daily homes, urban greening aspects, the increasingly close contact makes people more need to pay attention to safety issues. Artificial lawn flame retardant properties, artificial turf is to measure the eligibility of one of the important indicators. Have you verified that your artificial turf is flame retardant?

The main artificial turf flame retardant grass, its flame retardant performance is added in the production of grass flame retardant, in general, the amount of added control between 10 to 20 percent. First of all, the flame retardant does not have any adverse effect on the other characteristics of the artificial turf and the quality of the product; second, it has good compatibility and can be uniformly dispersed in the artificial turf; the third flame retardant is environmentally friendly and non-toxic substance.

What is flame retardant? Flame retardant is to protect people's lives and property in daily life, fire prevention fire, which came into being a kind of chemical additives can improve the material burning ability. Flame retardant added material, in contact with open flames, can effectively prevent the spread of flame or reduce its spread rate.

Artificial turf flame retardant performance of artificial turf burning in the fire can go out on their own, will not lead to each other lead to large-scale combustion of the situation. Currently artificial turf market is still in a more chaotic stage, artificial turf products mixed, good products do have fire-retardant properties, but the poor quality of the product performance is not satisfactory, the purchase process requires extra attention.

Artificial turf is mostly used in public places, stadiums, playgrounds, public green spaces, clubhouses, etc., although the cigarette ban was banned littoral, but the actual implementation of the effect is not perfect. Do not underestimate the small cigarette butts, the number of fires caused by littering cigarette is very alarming. Coupled with the crowded public places, unexpected unexpected situations are more difficult to control.

We have seen the news that "nearly a hundred cigarette butts burn artificial turf." Although the scene was indeed an anger, it is fortunate that the artificial turf purchased and installed on the site has no serious consequence of causing a fire . Therefore, in order to avoid possible fire disaster, artificial turf flame retardant properties are necessary.