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Artificial Turf Contrasts The Advantages Of Natural Lawns To Conserve Water Resources
Mar 08, 2018

The emergence of artificial turf, to a certain extent, to reduce human destruction of nature, at least in the nature of the food chain and protect a plant. Earth will also be because of the emergence of these artificial turf, afforest the earth, adding some vitality breath. With the improvement of human living standards, environmental protection has become an important indicator project in every country. Due to the worsening environmental protection nowadays, more and more natural disasters have also been suffered by mankind. In recent years, natural disasters are not so much a direct result of natural disasters as they are caused directly by people. In recent years, people have wantonly destroyed the natural environment and endlessly exploited nature's resources, resulting in the inability to recycle natural resources. Growth situation, and some plants and animals have been facing the situation of extinction, the face of these people really worth a good reflection of myself.

Use of groundwater through the sun, the water evaporation to the bottom of the artificial turf, gathered in the artificial grass under the dust and omentum within the soil, so that the soil gets wet, so that both to provide soil to grow water and protect Groundwater does not evaporate into the air. It is understood that the patent used in artificial turf, is the use of modern bionic technology process, produced by the scientific processing of PPE modified materials made of a high degree of high temperature, cold, acid, UV, anti-static Retardant and other features, can be used continuously in the desert for more than 15 years, evergreen. Can also be used for green belts on both sides of the railway and highway, to prevent a large number of urban groundwater evaporation has a catalytic effect. I believe in the near future, artificial turf will completely control desertification, our life is no longer "swallowed by haze and sandstorms, and some are just blue sky and green space.