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Artificial Grass Football Stadium With Thick?
Mar 19, 2018

1, the football field generally made of material: mesh artificial grass

2, for venues: football stadium, school playground, multi-functional training field

3, multi-purpose football field Artificial turf gradually opened during use, wear contact surface is small, reducing the skin burns; suitable for high-frequency use of venues such as football stadium artificial turf use, and cost-effective.

Height: 40mm

Grass line: 8800Dtex fbrillated PE

Bottom back: one layer PP woven cloth plus reinforced net.

Uses: school playground, soccer field, multi-functional training field.

4, Features: The grass is reticulated grass, Mesh grass will gradually open the use of the process, the wear contact surface is relatively small, thereby reducing the skin burns; At the same time the venue can provide adequate cushioning force, ball movement, Rolling, rebounding and ball speed all achieve the ideal natural lawn movement standard.