Artificial Grass Fiber

Artificial grass yarn provide the look and feel of an artificial grass surface and are an important part of a sports system to help ensure it meets various performance characteristics. The quality of synthetic turf fiber is therefore essential for a quality surface. Technical details such as microns, dtex, shape, colour or polymer grade do not, by themselves, determine the overall quality of the turf fiber, but the ability to design optimal synthetic grass fiber in combination with advanced extrusion technology is what determines the quality of the yarn.
  • Monofilament Synthetic Grass Fiber

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    Monofilament Synthetic Grass Fiber

    Excellent rebound and softness performance, ensure the safety of kneels and skin. Excellent anti-wear performance can increase use frequency of field. Easy installation and maintain, Good water permeability,durable Environment friendly, Keeping evergreen. No heavy metal and... Read More

  • Spine Monofilament Artificial Turf Fiber

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    Spine Monofilament Artificial Turf Fiber

    Good appearance of evenness, glossiness and texture of real grass High purity raw materials live up to excellent abrasion strength UV-Stabilized, strong color fastness, heat and frost resistant Resistance to difficult climatic conditions. Ideal for covered or steep-sided... Read More

  • Three-spine Monofilament Synthetic Turf Fiber

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    Three-spine Monofilament Synthetic Turf Fiber

    All-weather: totally not affected by climate, greatly improve efficiency in the use of the site, and can be used in extreme climates, such as in high temperature or cold area Beautiful evergreen: when natural grass get into the dormant period, artificial grass can still bring... Read More

  • Flat Artificial Grass Fiber

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    Flat Artificial Grass Fiber

    Our grasses that feature the flat artificial grass fiber are legitimate utility players that can go just about anywhere. Sure, the Flat yarn doesn't have any enhanced features in terms of memory technology, anti-luster or softness embellishment. But it still looks great... Read More

  • Flat Synthetic Grass Fiber

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    Flat Synthetic Grass Fiber

    With the Flat yarn customers get a blade that is acclaimed for its vibrant green color. It also facilitates great visibility into the thatch below, which helps give unrivaled realism to grasses using the Flat yarn. There's no escaping the fact that the Flat yarn is not a... Read More

  • Flat Synthetic Turf Fiber

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    Flat Synthetic Turf Fiber

    Flat yarns are generally good for low traffic applications. Over the years we've always asked our customers how they intend to use their grass to help ensure they get the right product. In many instances their response was that they simply want a lawn that looks amazing... Read More

  • Diamond Shape Artificial Turf Fiber

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    Diamond Shape Artificial Turf Fiber

    The Diamond is one of four advanced premium yarns (Stem, V-shape and S-shape being the others). Since introducing the Diamond shape, we've received a lot of feedback from customers. People love the color. These blades tend toward the brighter side of things, though the... Read More

  • Diamond Shape Artificial Grass Fiber

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    Diamond Shape Artificial Grass Fiber

    Grasses made with Diamond-shaped yarn like the slightly tousled hair. The full, non-directional look of the Diamond-shaped yarn make it the rock star of the artificial grass scene. Plus, grasses made with the Diamond shape are relatively easy to seam and don't demand the... Read More

  • Diamond Shape Lawn Fiber

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    Diamond Shape Lawn Fiber

    As far as performance goes, the Diamond shape is a bit of an irony. The widened center of each blade improves performance while the thing that makes the Diamond shape look so great, its skinny, non-directional yarn, helps create a luxurious texture... Read More

  • U-shape Synthetic Turf Fiber

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    U-shape Synthetic Turf Fiber

    The U-shape features field green and olive bicolor with chocolate/tan thatch. Grasses made with it look great when contrasted against beige, tan, or other earth-tone stucco or wood siding because of the brownish/orange hues picked up by the visible thatch. With U-shaped... Read More

  • U-shape Artificial Turf Fiber

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    U-shape Artificial Turf Fiber

    The U-shape is an excellent, high-quality, light-to-medium traffic artificial grass yarn. It is designed for the customer that wants a durable, natural-looking artificial grass lawn that emphasizes eco-friendly manufacturing and temperature-controlled fibers... Read More

  • U-shaped Spine Lawn Fiber

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    U-shaped Spine Lawn Fiber

    The "U" shaped fiber and the polymer additives, helps to reduce the surface temperature of the synthetic lawn grass by diverting UV rays from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped resulting in 10% to 20% temperature improvements relative to... Read More

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